Counseling for Pet Owners

For many people, their pets are considered part of their family.   And when a crisis situation arises with their pet, it can cause a great deal of stress for those who love and care for this pet. Even with a wonderful team of pet professionals providing support, some pet owners find it helpful to have their own counseling space where they can process their feelings and work through the difficult decisions they face regarding their pet. I work with people caregiving for a pet with “special needs”, making the difficult decisions about rehoming or euthanasia, and experiencing the loss and grief when saying goodbye to their pet.

Counseling for Pet Professionals

Therapy can be a wonderful space to deepen self-care, work through stress, and examine the impacts of compassion fatigue.  I have many therapy clients who are professionals in the veterinary and animal care field and am glad I can provide that support to the professionals providing such important care to animals.  If you are interested in therapy, please give me call or email and I can answer any questions that you have.